Rounded corners

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to make your business card stand out from the other cards in your prospect’s business card folder, is to give the card one or more round corners.

Two business cards with all four corners rounded.
Business Cards with round corners.

Traditionally business cards have 4 round corners, but we have the facility to cut from 1 to four corners, and in any position.

So, if you want only 2 round corners, they could be next to each other (along the top, along the bottom, left side, right side), or they could be diagonally opposite each other. A single round corner can be any one of the four, and if you do 3 round corners, the sharp corner can be any one of the four corners.

Our equipment is not constrained by volume, so you could have only 1 business card with round corners, if that is what you require.

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