Single-sided or Double-sided Cards

A business card has two sides………do you use only one of them, or do you use both sides?

Photo showing two sides of the same business card.
Double-sided Business Card.

You could argue that when people put a business card in their wallet or business card holder, only the front is visible, so the information on the back is not seen. That’s mostly true, but then how about placing a little arrow in one of the bottom corners, showing there is something on the back?

If you run a business where people make an appointment to come and see you, then it is quite obvious that you would use the back of the card as your appointment grid.

Business cards showing the use of an appointment schedule on the back.
Business Card with next Appointment on the Back. 

But the back of a card can be used for other purposes as well.

  • You could put a bullet list of products/services on the back
  • A map to your premises
  • QR Code (Do you know what to use it for? We can help you. Just complete and send the form on the right.)
  • If you are a photographer, painter, or any other visual artist, put an image of one of your spectacular creations on the back
  • A list of awards and/or memberships if that is what is going to impress a prospect
  • A recipe or any other type of instruction relating to your products or services
  • List of customers and their logos
  • Client testimonials

I’m sure that you can think of many more uses for side 2 on your business card, so simply complete the form on the right, and let us know how we can help you.