How to use a Business Card

There are two fundamental aspects about the use of business cards:

  1. The information that you put on the card, which is your product or service offering. This is your “elevator pitch”. ¬†With this card you have to convince the recipient that you can solve their problem. You have to convince them that you can provide what they need. And the design, colours, finishing, and print quality of your business card will convey your corporate identity and quality standards to the prospect.
  2. The way that you, your partners, and the identified staff members use your premium quality business card.

You have gone through the entire process of defining the design and finishing requirements of your new business card, you have ordered cards for yourself and all your partners and staff that need cards, and today you collected your order from Minuteman Press Cresta…….So now you have to make sure that this investment is going to be used to your greatest advantage.

So, what are you, your partners, and your staff going to do with this great product? (Make no mistake, it is a great product….in spite of Facebook, Google+, smartphones, tablets and the “always-on” culture that we live in, there is nothing as effective to pass your contact details on to a prospect as a business card……..why do you think we are still printing them and why are you reading this?)

So what are you going to do with your new business cards? Wait for somebody to ask for one? Put them in a really hi-class business card box on the corner of your desk, hoping that someone will take one?

Sorry, but you have it cards are not for asking…….business cards are for giving.

If you order 100 business cards, it should just to tide you over until you have your new email address. If you order our best offer of 500 cards, you should be planning on a re-order in 7-8 months time, at the outside (3 cards per day, 21 working days per month)

You should use your business cards at every possible opportunity to get out into the community….otherwise, how are you going to find new prospects?

So, use your business cards as follows:

Rude business card for somebody that did not park their car correctly.
This is not how to use a business card!
  • Attend every meeting of every Business Club, Trade Association, local Chamber of Commerce, and make a point of handing out your business cards (and collecting as many as you can!)
  • Go to your local bowling club/pub/any club and ask them if you can leave a few business cards on the counter.
  • Go to every networking meeting and leave your business card in the fishbowl and hand them out to everybody at the meeting.
  • Always carry a few business cards with you, no matter where you go.
  • Make sure your business card is included with every tender/proposal/quotation that you submit. If they file the document, your contact details are filed as well, but a business card will go into the business cards folder.
  • Do not ever scratch out your old cell number and write in the new one….order new business cards. A business card with a hand-written name or phone number is a clear indication of a lack of professionalism and a second-hand attitude.
  • If somebody asks for your phone number or email address, give them a business card…it is an opportunity to let them see what you do and how you could possibly help them.
  • Please do not use generic business cards with a hand-written name for your staff. Do you want to advertise that your business is doing so poorly that you cannot afford business cards for individual staff members? Then rather don’t order business cards for them….let them hand out your business card.

What information should you have, or not have on your business card?

  • Display a QR code for your products/services (please talk to me if you don’t know how to use QR codes to promote your business, or complete and send the form on the right.)
  • Appointment reminders
  • Gift vouchers or Special Offer coupons (please don’t forget to number them!)
  • Directions/map to your premises
  • Give instructions on the use of your products
  • Brag about your client testimonials
  • You could put a bullet list of products/services on the back
  • If you are a photographer, painter, or any other visual artist, put an image of one of your spectacular creations on the back
  • A list of awards and/or memberships if that is what is going to impress a prospect
  • A recipe or any other type of instruction relating to your products or services
  • List of customers and their logos
  • In general people no longer put a physical address on a business card, unless it is the location where your clients need to go to do business with you.
  • It is not necessary to put a VAT number or Company registration number on the card….a business card is not a legal document.
  • Please don’t put brackets around the area code , eg. (011) 123 4567….the area code is not an optional number, it must be dialed.

I am sure that you can add many more ideas to this list, so please complete and send the form on the right, and tell us what else we can add.