Laminated Cards (and Spot Varnish option)

You can have your business cards laminated as a finishing option.

Front and back views of different business cards.
Of course you cannot laminate the back of an Appointment card!

The lamination can be either matt lamination, or gloss lamination, and it can be done for small and large quantities. The difference between gloss lamination and high gloss varnish is that the varnish is a liquid cover that dries after printing, whilst laminating is a plastic sheet that is glued onto the printed card.

For small quantities (up to 500 cards) we use sheets to laminate, and for larger quantities we use rolls of laminating plastic. The sheets are thicker than the rolls, and so, if you use lamination on small quantities of cards, they feel much thicker, they are more rigid, and the plastic is thick enough so that the card cannot be torn….this is a great attention grabber: “Here, see if you can tear my business card!”

Lamination of cards with black, or very dark backgrounds is normally not a good idea….the glue from the lamination sheet is often visible as an opaque layer, which spoils the look of the card, rather than improve it.

Business card with a spot varnish element in the design.
This design used Spot UV as an additional element.

Spot Varnished cards:  A very effective addition to laminated finishing, is to have only some elements of your design (logo, and/or name, and/or contact details) highlighted by applying a coat of gloss varnish to those elements only. (This is called Spot UV varnishing) It only works on matt laminated cards, but the final effect is absolutely stunning.

If you are interested in laminated business cards (and Spot UV cards), please complete and send the form on the right, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.