Foiling, Embossing and Die-cutting

These forms of finishing business cards are not for small quantities. The processes typically require machine

Business cards with a blue background and gold foiling.
Business Cards foiled in Gold.

preparation and/or the making of special tools specific to the business card design. Typically, it is unlikely that any order of less than 2000 cards per person will be cost effective.

Nevertheless, these finishing processes can make a big difference between the attention given to your card, versus the other cards in the pile.

Foiling: This is the application of a metallic, shiny or matt layer to a specific position or element in the design of a business card. Various colours of foil are available, but it is necessary to make a foiling block based on the image to be foiled. Therefore a new foiling block is required for every different design to be foiled.

Two business cards showing the effect of embossing
Embossed business cards (Blind).

Embossing: This is the process of indenting a shape or image in a business card. It can either be the indentation of a printed image, or it can be the indentation of an unprinted part of the business card. The later is known as “blind embossing.” If you want to emboss a double-sided card, be very carefull what is on the other other side of the card from the embossing. If you have a logo or image on the opposite side of the embossing, that image or logo may not line up with the embossed image on the front, and it will look like very poor quality workmanship. Similar to foiling, a new embossing block must be made for every different image to be embossed.

Image showing an example of die-cut business cards.
Die-cut business cards.

Die-cutting: This is the process where a business card is cut into various non-standard shapes. A die-cut block has to be made for every new shape that must be cut. Die-cut shapes are limited in their complexity due to the limitation of how fine the blades in a die-cut block can be positioned.

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